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Emirates Palace Hotel

Pfaffenhain secure the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi

The second 7 star hotel in the world, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi has confidence in the key system expertise of Pfaffenhain. This 5,000 cylinder master keyed suite was planned, manufactured and dispatched to Abu Dhabi in the record time of 5 weeks.

The Emirates Palace Hotel is the World's second 7 star hotel to rely on the security engineering from the Ore Mountains. The worlds first 7 star hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the building with the striking shape of a sail, insisted on gold plated cylinders of the ABUS subsidiary, the owner even asked for gold plated fixing screws.

The Emirates Palace Hotel is purpose built to accomodate the guests of the government and to hold national and international conferences - the Emirate Palace is synonym with luxury residences in the Arabian Gulf.

The front of the building complex extends for 1.5km and offers 243.000m2 accommodation including 302 luxury apartments and 92 suites, plus shops, fashion boutiques and a number of leisure facilities. The hotel has its' own marina for yachts and a heliport.

The whole complex is secured using one mechanical key system with almost 5,000 cylinders, controlling the access of more than 2,000 employees to their authorised areas.

Two key systems under one Grand Master Key

The key control of the hotel complex is intricate, combining all aspects of daily life, from saftey and security to normal hotel and corporate requirements.

The systems safeguards increased dramatically the security of international heads of governements and sheiks permanent meetings. Whole sections of the building can be closed and channels of supply restricted. The master key controls are operated using two seperate keying systems under one Grand Master Key, guaranteeing that changing of selected keys, the modified access control can be managed.