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Commercial / Industrial

Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths provides a wide range of locksmith and security services for commercial, industrial and business clients. With our extensive product knowledge and installation expertise, we can efficiently handle any security needs that you may have.

We currently manage commercial, and contract accounts, including maintenance service accounts to our business clients.

We offer the best in what you need for the safety and security of your business. We pride ourselves in being accredited with Constructionline and Safe-T-Cert therefore complimenting our professionalism.

Whether you are a small business, a large retail store, factory or warehouse or even a tall office block we are capable of providing a fast, efficient and reliable service that is second to none.


Our Services - Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths

Access Control / Push Button Digital Locks
At Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths we provide a wide range of Push Button Locks to suit business needs from light use to heavy duty hardware and from low level security to high level security hardware. We will have digital access control that will suit your needs.

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Aluminium Doors
Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths provide services to commercial aluminium doors. We repair, service or supply and fit door closing transom units, pivot joints, hook and dead bolt locking mechanisms.

We can provide extra security measures for existing doors that have not been upgraded in terms of additional protection as more than often these types of doors can be vulnerable to attack.

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If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a burglary we will repair the damage and ensure the security of your premises. Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths can also provide advice to minimise the chance of an all too frequent repeated burglary, upgrade your existing door locks, or provide additional security to a weakened area.

The fitting of door locks, window locks and other forms of additional security will help to keep burglars out.

Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths understand that not all commercial premises have been fitted with proper security measures to deter a burglary therefore, we can provide you with sound advice in order to minimise the chance of it happening again.

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Emergency Opening
Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths employ only professional Locksmiths who, using the latest technology and techniques, will gain entry to your business premises with the minimum of fuss. As professional locksmiths we will gain access by lock picking or drilling the lock.

Keyhole Surgery locksmiths can gain entry to most locks without having to change the lock, enabling the continual use of your existing set of keys, providing that the keys have not been compromised into the wrong hands. Therefore we would advise on changing that lock.

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Fire Approval Hardware
We can repair, service or supply and fit door closures in order to comply with fire authority regulations. At Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths we can provide where necessary recommendations for types of locks that can be fitted that will result in the compliance of fire regulations. Including commercial fire exit devices and push-bar panic hardware.

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Key Control
Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths can offer two methods of key control to the commercial industry. We can offer a master key system where only certain keys will open certain locks.

We can provide you with our own restricted system. This means that you (or a member of staff) cannot take the key to a high street key cutter and get another one cut. As the key is restricted the only locksmiths that will have that shape of key will be Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths.

You can have the above as a dual system, made up from our own workshop to suit your needs. Effectively this means that whatever door you have, type of lock you have, we can make you a system that suits your key control needs.

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Office Furniture
In terms of office documentation security and the vulnerability of office furniture keys we can provide services to all types of office furniture. Whether it be emergency opening, master key systems or a higher grade of security key system. Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths can offer many solutions to the office industry.

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Padlock Security
Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths have extensive knowledge in this area. Whether you need 2 padlocks or 222 padlocks we can supply you with low level security to high level security padlocks at whatever keying you require for whatever locks you require. We can also integrate this with the locks that you may have on buildings elsewhere. Whatever the make up Keyhole Surgery Locksmiths will have the solution.